Britney more popular than Obama

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Of the billions of searches carried out on the portal,, over the last year, Mr Obama was third behind Spears and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Mr Obama was, however, the most searched-for politician during 2008.

The subjects of the most sought-after news stories were hurricanes, Caylee and Casey Anthony, and election 2008.

"Every day, people turn to the web to learn more about the world around them," said Yahoo's Web Life editor, Heather Cabot.

"Their searches reveal which news events, personalities and issues made an impact in 2008. This year people were captivated by the historic US presidential election and Olympic triumphs."

"They also closely followed every facet of the economic downturn and enjoyed a little escapism by devouring celebrity gossip and delving into online video games" she added.

Yahoo has not revealed the exact number of searches made, but said it had waded through "billions" of terms.

"2008 was a crazy, volatile, whipsaw year and looking back, when I was doing the research for this, there were so many things I had forgotten, and I remember thinking: 'Wow, all this happened in one year'," said Vera Chan, senior editor of Yahoo Buzz